Join the 30 days of legs and glutes challenge

starting June 1st

Sassy: Your New Online Fitness Coach

The reason most people don’t stick with their online workout routine is because there is no one holding them accountable. I recognise that, and that’s why I’ve developed these targeted workout challenges, so I can put you through your paces personally. I will be your personal trainer, your calendar, and the one that holds you accountable, along with the amazing community you’ll meet along the way. If you’re ready to get hands on, with me, to achieve your goals and up-level your fitness routine read on.
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Legs and glutes challenge faqs

What is the 30 days of legs and glutes challenge?

In this month-long program we will be focusing on strengthening and sculpting our lower body, through full body and targeted leg workouts. Each week you will receive a new schedule with 3 live workouts to join in real-time and 3 on-demand workouts to stream in your own time. The heart of the challenge is the incredible community you’ll be introduced to, and will be streaming, sculpting and strengthening alongside.

How does the community aspect integrate into the challenge?

We have two Naturally Sassy Challenge chat’s, one that just holds the important messages from me (being part of this thread is a must) and then a group chat with everyone involved in the program. This is the heart of the challenge, and you’re encouraged to be an active participant. Details on how to join these chats will be given over email after signing up.

Can you transform your body in 4 weeks?

Following the program consistently over the 30 days will help you sculpt a lean physique, while building muscle, giving you a noticeably stronger and more toned body. Sassy’s selection of workouts are also designed to improve posture and flexibility, resulting in more energy on a daily basis, connecting your mind and body, and giving you a range of movements and exercises to complete for years to come.

Do the 30 day workout challenges work?

Yes, if you commit yourself wholeheartedly to the next month you will see fantastic results both to your physicality and day to day mentality.

Do you need to be a subscriber to do the challenge?

Yes, sign up here

What’s the next step?

Fill out the form above to register your interest by May 28th.
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