30 Day Glute Challenge

30 days of planned, result-driven workouts to strengthen and sculpt your lower body

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The vast majority of my routines have been influenced by a life-long experience as a ballet dancer, and the ones I’ve stuck with are those that develop muscle, cardio and flexibility. Some of my favourite and most enjoyable exercises to do focuses on one core group — the glutes.

What are Glutes

For those of you who don’t know, these are the large, fleshy muscles of the buttocks, which cover the back part of your hip bone, down to the thigh bone. The name “glutes” comes from the three sets of gluteal muscles that stretch down from the pelvis (hip bone) and into the femur (thigh bone). That is, the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus.

If you wanted to briefly brush up on your classics, the word “gluteus” is the Latin version of the Greek “gloutos”, the literal term for buttock. This post is not just gaining a pert bum however — these muscles (the largest on the body) are about much more than that. They are vital for many forms of exercise, including light physical activity.

The glute challenge

In this month-long program we will be focusing on strengthening and sculpting our lower body, through full body and targeted leg workouts.

I’ve created a week-by-week timetable to take you through the beginner glute exercises. Each six-day set of workouts ends with a stretch session to keep you moving as you reset before the new week kicks in. The selection of routines has been created to help you improve your posture and flexibility, resulting in more energy on a daily basis by reducing muscle fatigue.

Following the program consistently over 30 days will help you sculpt a lean physique at the same time as building muscle — giving you toned glutes and a noticeably stronger body. By the end, you should have a range of movements and exercises to stick in your arsenal.

What’s included?

  • A four week workout guide for a strong and sculpted lower body
  • Six 30-60 minute workouts per week
  • One stretch and reset per week
  • Progress tracker for use throughout

Ready to workout?

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Sculpting faqs

How long does it take for glutes to grow?

Remember that oh-so-famous phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Well, this concept applies to your new exercise regime. Thankfully, my 30 day challenge offers the most direct and focused program to achieve toned glutes — but don’t expect it to be easy.

This 30 day series of workouts has been created to start you on your path towards strong glutes. Yet be mindful that for peak glute growth, you need to consistently work at it for 18 months to two years.

If this sounds like a bit too long to wait, the crucial thing to keep in mind is that with proper focus, you can take everything you’ve learned and incorporate it into your own routine. By paying attention to your glutes, you should see clear progress after two or three months.

What are the benefits of strong glutes?

Strong glutes are essential for creating a strong and supple body. They help support compound movements which work multiple muscles at the same time, and are fantastic for enhancing balance: when strength is unequal across the glutes, it can negatively affect our mobility and increase the risk of injury. Gaining strong glutes means you protect yourself from a whole host of issues, including bad posture, back pain, and injuries sustained through exercise.

There’s a lot of unreliable content out there on this topic — the purpose of the 30 day challenge is to kickstart your routine butt exercises to activate these awesome and dynamic muscles.

Is it okay to work out my glutes every day?

While it’s true that overtraining can lead to injury, with the glutes it is perfectly fine to work on your glutes on consecutive days — so long as you are giving yourself proper rest periods so that your muscles can recover.

In truth, you should aim to activate your glutes between two and six times a week, and as part of the glute challenge, you will have every seventh day off to rest up. Don’t push too hard though. As with any other targeted exercises, you should never train to the point of being completely wiped out and sore.

How does this glute challenge work?

Each week is broken down into six days — the seventh day is for stretching and recharging. Every day you’ll receive a link to either one full body workout or a mix, combining shorter sessions to make up a full sequence.

To get access, subscribe to the live studio — you’ll receive a link in your inbox for all available workout streams. You’ll also have the option to print the monthly timetable and cross each day off as you complete the sessions. This will help you to hold yourself accountable and track your progress.

Once you’ve downloaded the challenge, it’s yours to keep forever, meaning you can come back and do the exercises again and again.

How is the challenge structured each week?

Each day during the challenge, you will have either a workout mix of between one to three glute strengthening exercises, or a 45-minute class.

For example, in week one, you’ll start off with a live full body workout video, then a general focusing on the glutes on day two. You’ll then pivot to more specific sessions for the rest of the week. For example, in the latter part of every week you will have a ‘Legs at the Barre’ activity that targets balance.

On your days off, you will have a stretch video to do to maintain your flexibility and help your muscles recover from their hard work.


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