Online Workout Studio FAQs

Got any questions about the Ballet Blast program or the online workout studio? Find the answer here.

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Online Workout Studio faqs

I’m new to the online studio. Where should I start?

I’m so excited you’re going to be working out with me! How you start your journey will depend on your fitness levels.


Check out the videos under the ‘Beginner’ filter in the streaming library.

Back after a break

If you’re working out again after some time off, I recommend the 28 day sculpt plan. This is a downloadable ebook that includes a beginners’ guide and a streaming schedule, as well as more than 30 exclusive recipes to ensure you’re eating delicious, nourishing food throughout the program.

Workout regular

Dive into your monthly workout plan straight away! This gives you a customized exercise routine six days a week, leaving you one day for rest and recovery. To increase flexibility and prevent injury throughout the plan, I’d also suggest starting the six week stretching program.

Do I need to be a dancer or have previous dance experience?

Although Ballet Blast is inspired by the techniques I learned as a professional ballerina, you do not need ANY dance experience to do these exercises. Using the best of ballet, you’ll rely on your body for resistance in order to burn fat and create long, lean, sculpted muscles. You’ll also improve your balance, core strength, posture and flexibility.

Are these workouts suitable for beginners?

As long as you have no current injuries and a good level of everyday fitness (walking up stairs and sitting down/standing up easily) these workouts will be great for you. Almost all of the routines are bodyweight-only, giving you a low-impact way to boost your fitness and get stronger. You can find my favorite beginners’ workout program in the 28 day sculpt plan, and simply use the filter in the streaming library to search for beginner videos.

Do I need any equipment for the workouts?

You don’t need any special equipment to do these workouts, 90% of which are bodyweight-only. In some cases you have the option to use:

  • Medium-heavy resistance band
  • 3lb and 5lb dumbbells
  • 10-15lb kettlebell

However, if you don't already own these and don’t want to buy them either, you can still do the exercises without equipment.

How long do I own the six week stretching program for?

Once you buy the program, you'll have six stretching videos per week available to you forever. Each sequence is 13-20 minutes depending on the week.

Do I need a subscription to use the 28 day sculpt plan?

The 28 day sculpt plan allows you to see 30 recipes without a subscription. However, to access all of the workouts and skill videos, you will need to get a subscription to the online studio. If you have bought the 28 day sculpt plan but aren’t using the online studio yet, sign up for our 14 day free trial to get started.

Is the 14 day trial really free?

Yes! You can view everything in the streaming library and won’t be charged if you cancel within 14 days of signing up. If you love the program, which I hope you do, you can continue with your chosen subscription.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel, simply change your subscription status like this: dashboard > subscription > change > cancel.