Online Personal Training

Join Sassy for one-on-one personal training sessions
tailored to your body’s needs, using her results-driven
ballet-inspired methods to sculpt and tone your figure.

Sassy: Your New Online Fitness Coach

Sassy’s online personal training packages give you everything you’d get from an in-person session without having to set foot in a gym. After a free 15 minute consultation, Sassy will create a personalised three-to-twelve month plan based on your goals and your current fitness level. To find out if this is the right workout program for you, fill out a personal training questionnaire below to get started.
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What are the benefits of online personal training?

Online personal training is perfect if you don’t have a gym nearby, letting you get the same workout from the comfort of your own home. You can also book your workouts at your convenience, which makes it ideal for those on a busy schedule. You’ll receive individual attention from a trainer who can fit every exercise to suit your own fitness levels, assessing your form, and providing corrections and tips along the way to ensure you’re moving safely, which will minimise the risk of injury. This is a level of attention simply not offered by large group sessions at gyms. You’ll also be able to develop a great relationship with your trainer as they get to know your capabilities and personal goals, helping to be a motivating force increasing your likelihood of success.

For instance, Sassy’s Ballet Blast workouts, which include a variety of ballet-inspired moves, allow you to exercise freely in your house. As a body weight only class, they still let you improve your strength, posture, flexibility and balance, if you don't have any equipment.

Online Personal Training faqs

What is online personal training?

Online personal training gives you the chance to exercise outside of a gym environment with one-to-one personalised sessions to suit your fitness needs. These exercise regimes can be streamed to any device, whenever, wherever, so if you struggle to find the time to attend a gym or have other commitments, there’s always a way to squeeze in an online session. You can work with Sassy to create a personalised program, containing a varied selection of barre workouts and ballet moves to help sculpt and tone your body.

How much is online personal training?

Having an online personal trainer can be more cost-effective than gym-based training sessions, with fewer overall costs to maintain. To discuss fees for your personalised online workout program with Sassy, and kickstart your new exercise routine, contact us today for more information.

How often should I work out with a personal trainer?

When starting a new exercise program, it’s recommended to see a personal trainer one or two times a week to help you establish your routine. A trainer will help you assess how often you should be doing sessions, factoring your abilities into this decision. With online personal training, the number of sessions you do may also be influenced by your personal fitness goals and the free time you have. Sassy’s online personal training program offers hour-long sessions via Zoom, as well as a schedule for your own personalised home workouts to do in your own time.