Monthly Workout Plan

Exercise At Home With Sassy

Transform your body with Sassy’s easy-to-follow monthly workout plan. Incorporating moves inspired by ballet principles, these routines focus on building strength and endurance, helping you to shape and tone your physique. Follow the plan from Monday to Saturday to create long, lean muscles, and make huge improvements to your overall physical health.

These monthly workout plans are exclusive to subscribers, and suitable for all fitness levels, with no equipment required for most of the techniques. Exercise at home, at a friend’s house, or even outdoors, by simply streaming the videos directly to your phone and other electronic devices.

Best of all, since Sassy creates a brand new sequence of exercises every single month, no two workout plans will ever be the same. This helps to keep your routines fresh and mix things up to challenge your muscles.

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Monthly workout program faqs

How does Sassy create her monthly workout program?

Sassy uses her experience as a professionally trained ballerina to create simple but effective workouts, aimed at stretching and lengthening the muscles. These ballet-inspired exercises are a great way to tone your whole body without adding bulk. Every monthly workout plan is designed to target every muscle group to build strength, definition and transform your body.

How do you get fit at home without equipment?

Using your body’s own resistance to perform exercises like squats and leg extensions can be just as effective as using weights. This approach forces you to hold tension throughout your whole body, which is great for building strength, and means you don’t need to hit the gym to tone up! Though a couple of the exercises in Sassy’s monthly workout plan may be more effective with equipment like a resistance band, most of the program requires nothing more than your own body.

How long does a body transformation take?

This very much depends on your individual goals, but generally speaking, you should start to see clear physical results — such as reduced body fat — after three months of regular exercise. However, you must continue to exercise after you notice these changes in order to progress further and maintain the progress you’ve made. Remember, body transformations can only occur when you stick to a nutritious eating plan, so make sure you use Sassy’s healthy yet delicious diet guidelines to fuel your monthly workouts.